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Jesse Mazur, owner, producer, and engineer of Mazureth™ Studios, has over 10 years of experience producing music. He's worked with artists ranging from ambient electronic to technical death metal and everything inbetween. He's toured the country in several bands and has been signed to both Altantic and Dream Works records. Whether you need an audio engineering, a producer, help with arragement, or writing, Jesse is more than capable.

Jesse's also a multi-instumentalist and is happy to do session work on your album as well. While his primary instrument is guitar, he is also a skilled drummer and can play most stringed instruments, most brass instruments, and can navigate is way around a piano pretty well. He also has several years of singing and vocal lessons under his belt. It's very common for Jesse to appear on the albums created at Mazureth™ Studios.

"I just love music and being a part of the creative process. I am never having more fun than when I am making music with people"

Jesse Mazur



We have a large acoustingly tuned sound room, two dead isolation rooms, and a plethora if microphones, guitars, and amps at your disposal on top of whatever you bring with you. We also have several digital instruments and midi controllers as well.


Our mixing console is a Behringer X32 Digital Console which we can use to as a Mackie Controller or to send the multitrack back out of Cubase for mixing "out of the box". Add in all our software and ourboard gear and theres nothing we cant do!


Our control room has been tuned to fit our Event 20/20 studio monitors and we know just how to get your music that final polish it needs to be radio ready. We also play your music back in the most common listening environmetns to be sure it will should perfect.


We offer full production services that include pre-production "scratch" tracking, tracking, mixing, mastering, and post-production editing. We can also help with writing, arrangement, and suggest post-produciton additions to really make your sound stand out. We've got the total package.



Our main console is a Behriner X32 coupled with a Behriner S32 snake. This provides us with 32 inputs and 16 outputs. More than enough for even the largest bands. We have a plethroa of microphones including all the industry standards from Sure, Sennheiser, AKG, and more. Our powerful recoding PC has 32 gigs of ram, a quad core Intel processor, and several terabytes of solid state storage.

We also have plenty of outboard gear including compressors, preamps, equializers, are more. There are plenty of amps at your disposal, arsenal of guitars and basses, and our in house drum set which as been perfectly tuned to the room and miced up. We can even dial in specific drum tones for you with our existing presets.

We even have a van you can rent by the hour or by the day to help move your equipment to and from the stuio, or to go on tour with.



We have recoreded with some incredible artists over the years and have build some great relationships that we hope to maintain for years to come.




Interested in working with us? Drop us a line! We are always taking on new clients and would
love to hear from you. We have competitive rates and can work within your budget.


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